The Physic Garden

Physic Garden in bloo

Physic Garden in bloom

The Physic Garden lies within the grounds of the former Hitchin Museum at Paynes Park, Hitchin. It is maintained by volunteers. It is divided into four sections: Household; the William Ransom border; External Ailments; Internal Ailments.


Some plants are poisonous, some may cause an allergic reaction, so there are warnings at relevant places in the garden with prominent ‘Don’t Touch’ and ‘Don’t Eat’ signs. Please take notice of them, and keep children under supervision. Don’t touch or eat anything! The book contains more information on this.

Collage of plants in the Physic Garden

Collage of plants in the Physic Garden

  • Further information
  • Events
    • Hitchin festival, Vi Lewis memorial talk, silver jubilee etc
  • Use and maintenance
  • Design of the garden
    • Updating the garden’s contents
  • The garden over the four seasons
  • Plants in the garden
    • List
    • Planting map
  • Hitchin’s herbal past
      • The apothecary
      • The vicar
      • The herb doctor
      • The peripatetic physician
      • William Ransom & Son
      • Perks & Llewellyn
      • Herbs in Hitchin today
  • The Triangle Garden (& perhaps others such as Dunstable)
    • Links to their websites. Also as a modern extension of the area’s long tradition of planting with a purpose in mind.
  • Plant naming
  • Drugs then and now
  • Plant poisonings