Physic Garden

The Physic Garden

The garden in May

The Physic Garden is currently closed to the public for maintenance. North Herts District Council is withdrawing its public liability insurance in March, and because of that and the fact that the current insurance doesn’t cover the volunteers, we are looking for an alternative insurance.

Work on the garden continues through the winter though. Some of the York stone paving has become uneven, the paths are slippery – usual at this time of year – and two low mulberry branches which have been cut off, and the pear tree branch which came down in high winds, are awaiting removal. The Rue has been relocated at the back of the External Ailments border. New “red” signs are ready to be erected, warning visitors not to pick or touch plants.

The garden volunteers are keen to have a memorial to Scilla Douglas in the garden, perhaps an engraving in a York stone or a plaque, and this is still being discussed.