About us

HHS is a long-established society with a view to raising and maintaining awareness of Hitchin’s unique historical character. In support of this it has very active program of presentations, events and publications.

News and Events  

There is a presentation on most months of the year on a Hitchin-related topic. They are a great way to meet new people and chat. These are for members and visitors only.  

Often there are additional talks, sponsored by the Society, which are open to the public during the Hitchin festival period in July.

Finally, a program of guided visits to places of local interest are scheduled throughout the year. 


The society keeps in touch with members with twice yearly Newsletters and Journals. These are distributed either electronically or by post. Examples of some past newsletters are available on this site.

Unsurprisingly the society is home to a number of amateur historians, and it supports them with the research, production, publication and distribution of the final product. These can be in various formats – essays, journals, books, photographs and video. Some examples of this work can be found by wandering around the site.  

A small library of books relating to Hitchin, some produced by members, is available at meetings for short term loan or simply to browse.