As you undoubtedly know, Hitchin Historical Society is run by a group of volunteers.  Some have served longer than your web editor, and he’s been on the Committee for over eighteen years!

Two of our group will be retiring very shortly: Mike Clarke, our Publications Officer; and Peter Moss, the Membership Secretary.  We urgently need to replace them.

This might be a good time (as was once the case) to split the Publications role into

  • New publications
  • Sales

Would you consider taking over either of these roles, or that of Membership Secretary?  The Committee meets roughly every six weeks, meetings rarely last more than an hour and a half, and always include some light-hearted banter to balance the serious business of keeping the Society going.

You wouldn’t be thrown in at the deep end – other Committee members would be there to support you, and Mike and Peter have agreed to be available to pass on their expertise.

Without this group of volunteers, Hitchin Historical Society would cease to function.  No more Journals or Newsletters; no more meetings and talks; no more trips; no more books…

Societies like ours rely on their membership.  We have plenty of members – almost four hundred at the last count – so why not at least find out what is involved, and perhaps help us to keep the Society going?

You can contact us either at one of the Church House meetings, now these are starting up again, or by clicking here: .  Even if it’s only to ask for more information – no pressure, no strings attached.

What have you got to lose?  If you value your Society, then get in touch.