THE LOCAL HISTORIAN: Journal of the British Association for Local History

HHS members are probably aware of the existence of The Local Historian, a wonderful source of material on a vast range of local history subjects published four times each year.  Some articles are specific to a particular period or geographical region, others to a specific subject.

The Society has a collection of copies going back many years up to the present.  These are available to borrow from the Society library at our monthly Church House meetings.  The committee recently discussed the fact that there have been very few requests to borrow copies of The Local Historian.  This is perhaps not surprising since, without knowing the contents of each issue, members can’t know which is likely to interest them.

We have therefore decided to place the list of articles on the website.  This is ‘work in progress’, as the task of transcribing each issue’s contents is quite time-consuming!  So far, the contents of volumes 39, 40, 41, 42, and 43 (eighteen issues, going back to January 2019) have been transcribed, and can be found as a pdf by clicking here.  As time goes on, the contents lists of more and more volumes will be added, so do keep looking, see what articles interest you, and ask at the library desk for that copy.  It’s as simple as that!