Exploring Hitchin


Alan Fleck

Exploring Hitchin DVDThis CD-ROM is based on a virtual walk around Hitchin, looking at the buildings, and exploring who built them, when and why. It contains 1500 images of modern Hitchin, with 590 more taken from 1850 until the present day. It includes 48 short biographies of major figures who shaped the town, information on 229 of the town centre buildings, and illustrations of 116 works of art by Hitchin artists.

The project started literally by accident when a car accident left the author with time on his hands. He started photographing Hitchin, much as Latchmore had done in the 1860s. A tour around the town became a peg on which to hang all sorts of other information, about town development, about people and their trades, homes and shops.

Apart from the many images taken for this project and from Hitchin Museum, there are maps, bills, labels, personal documents and objects from the museum collections which explain how the town grew. Many books have been written about Hitchin, but this CD-ROM attempts to synthesise existing and new information in a way that is much harder for a book to achieve.

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ISBN: 978-0-9552411-1-6
Publisher: © Hitchin Historical Society 2006
Design and production: Alan Fleck and Media Sourcing Limited