HITCHIN – Glimpses of the past

Simon Walker


Hitchin Historical Society has published the Hitchin Journal almost from the start of its life in 1977. Countless contributors have provided more than 500 articles on a huge variety of subjects during forty-three years of the Society’s existence. Simon Walker has spent more than two years on the project of extracting a representative selection of over 80 articles for this, the latest HHS publication – its first new book for over two years.

For the more recent examples, where electronic copies of the original were available, extracting the material was relatively easy. However, for many of the earlier articles the text had to be reconstructed from the typed original – often in poor condition. Illustrations were another problem. Where possible the originals have been used, but Simon has taken great pains to seek out better copies of photographs. In a few cases it has been necessary to select alternative (sometimes better!) illustrations.

From ghosts and a pillbox to dustcarts and a drunken baker, this super book is full of surprising local delights from cover to cover.

Now out of stock, but copies may be found in local bookshops.

ISBN: 978-0-9926162-5-0
Publisher: Hitchin Historical Society, 2020
Printer: Dragon Print & Design, Hitchin