Reflections in a Brass Helmet

The History of the Hitchin Fire Brigade

Denis B Dolan

The year 1814 saw the beginnings of a fire service in Hitchin. The author describes the development of the service, including a great number of incidents that Hitchin’s fire engines have attended. He has carried out much original research from log books and contemporary newspaper reports, as well as conversations with many of his brigade colleagues. From the curious to the tragic, incidents that Hitchin’s firemen have been involved in are as varied as they are dramatic. Dick Dolan’s text brings it all to life most graphically.

About the Author

Denis (“Dick”) Dolan was born in South London in 1941. After six years in the army, he joined the Hertfordshire Fire Brigade at Welwyn Garden City. In 1969 he was posted to Hertford as a Leading Fireman, then in 1975 as joint Sub. Officer, in charge of Hitchin Fire Station, where he remained until retirement in the late 1990s. This book is unusual in that it is in the author’s own calligraphic script, calligraphy being another of Dick’s passions.

This book is not a Hitchin Historical Society publication.

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ISBN: 978-0905858500

© Denis B. Dolan. Egon Publishers Ltd, 1989