Two Minutes to the Station

The tale of Hitchin’s Victorian Triangle

Valerie Taplin and Audrey Stewart

Two Minutes to the StationWhen the first train steamed into Hitchin in 1850 it was to a station surrounded by meadows, but within twenty years the area had changed beyond all recognition and our Victorian ‘Triangle’ was born. The new population created a demand for housing and services of all kinds. Soon the district boasted its own churches and a school as well as a wide variety of small businesses and seven public houses. This created a self-sufficient community with a character all its own.

Much has changed over the past century and a half, but this very real sense of identity lives on. This book celebrates a fascinating part of the town previously neglected by local historians.

About the author

Valerie Taplin and Audrey Stewart are both keen local historians closely connected with the Triangle area, and members of Hitchin Historical Society. Valerie was a founder member of the Triangle Group, from which the the idea of a book first came; Audrey was churchwarden of Holy Saviour Church in the 1970s, where she had started sifting through the church’s documents to piece together something of the church’s history. Valerie and Audrey were introduced in 2007 and this book is the result of their collaboration.

This book is currently out of print.
ISBN: 978-0-9552411-5-4
Publisher: © Valerie Taplin, Audrey Stewart, Hitchin Historical Society 2010
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