Discovering More About Hitchin

Edited by Bridget Howlett and Pauline Humphries

In 1995, Discovering Hitchin¬†broke new ground in the town’s local history, featuring an eclectic collection of areas and topics not much covered before, through a varied mix of material from personal, private collections.

This volume is a further, yet different, contribution to the lesser- studied aspects of the town’s past. It too draws on a mix of personal collections and little-used sources to explore the remarkable stories of many Hitchin areas and topics that often go unregarded.

The book is the work of fourteen authors who each have one or more chapters of their own, but help, advice and material has been given by many more. The fourteen are Stephen Bradford-Best, Nigel Claydon, Peter Ellis, Alan Fleck, Chris Honey, Bridget Howlett, David Howlett, Christopher Hubbard, Pauline Humphries, Terry Knight, John Lucas, Nafisa Sayany, Janet Walker, and Derek Wheeler MBE.

The volume was inspired by the untimely death in 2015 of one of the original authors of the first book, Scilla Douglas. The Society decided it should be published as a fitting memorial to Scilla’s unstinting contribution over many years to Hitchin’s local history. We hope she would have approved.

About the editors

Bridgett Howlett is a retired archivist and has been a Hitchin Historical Society member since 1980. Pauline Humphries is a retired teacher and school librarian, and an HHS member since 1977.

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