Old Hitchin on Film – Volume 2


Richard Whitmore and Sam Hallas

Old Hitchin on Film DVDThe DVD contains sixteen short films covering events from 1912 to 2012:

  • The Priory Fête of 1951
  • The 1951 General Election – the result announced outside the Town Hall
  • The Gravely Air Disaster 1912
  • RAF Henlow & Sir Alan Cobham 1920s – includes the Vickers Virginia
  • How Hitchin got an Airfield 1961 – Bill Bowker and Farm Aviation (Hitchin) Ltd
  • Brussel Rendezvous 1948 – by Hitchin Ciné Society, life of a local sprout
  • Hitchin Hoedown 1952 – BBC Radio at the Town Hall filmed by Harry Cannon
  • The Hitchin and Letchworth Carnival 1969
  • We Make Gloves – Kir Gloves, Bury Mead Road
  • Building Priory Bypass 1982
  • Changing Hitchin 1972-1990
  • Hitchin then and now – second half of 20th Century
  • Sleepy Hollow 1970s ‘slide show’
  • Events on St Mary’s Square 1940s and 1950s
  • West Hill’s Jubilee Street Party, June 1977
  • A Royal Day to Remember June 2012

Total running time 135 minutes. The films include commentary by Richard Whitmore and Sam Hallas.

See the launch at the Queen Mother Theatre.

This DVD is no longer available from the Society.
Publisher: © Richard Whitmore and Hitchin Historical Society 2015