Discovering More – Bob Williams

Launch of Hitchin Historical Society’s Discovering More About Hitchin
Speech given by Society President, Bob Williams

What a great turn out, thank you all for coming today. It’s a very special occasion.

As most of you will be aware, today’s publication, ‘Discovering More About Hitchin’, is dedicated to the Memory of Scilla Douglas, and I address you as her successor.

I consider to be president of our Hitchin Historical Society in such an important and historic town is a very special privilege. I have known and loved Hitchin most of my life. When invited to take up this role, nearly two years ago, you may be surprised to know that it changed my view of the world. I suddenly realised that I was about to share something in common with that great leader of the western world – Donald Trump. We both became presidents in waiting!

It’s always difficult for those following great leaders, and Scilla was just one of those. I feel most humble today standing in her footsteps. If it was her standing before you at this moment she would be expressing sincere thanks to you authors who have done so much to help produce this important publication.

Thank you again authors, but I must also offer very special thanks to our editors Bridget Howlett and Pauline Humphries. You have both put in so many hours researching, compiling and checking, not many could be more dedicated than you both, who have been doing similar work on behalf of the society for years and years now. Thank you!

Before I close, may I also thank British Schools and Sam Mason for hosting us here today. It’s such an appropriate venue and it’s great to gather here.

Finally and certainly not least, ours thanks must go to all the committee and in particular Mike Clarke for all that he has done to actually get the book here today. There have been a few dramas along the way and you got us through – thank you and well done indeed.

To finish, please all of you go purchase lots of copies, Christmas is not far off, it’s a great book, and please raise your glasses and we will toast together this great town of Hitchin!!