Committee and contacts

The Committee normally meets roughly every four to six weeks. Because of the Covid-19 situation, the meetings scheduled for Wednesday 8th April and Wednesday 20 May 2020 have been cancelled. Contact between committee members is maintained by email and other electronic means.

President Robert B Williams
Vice-Presidents Terry Knight
Gerry Tidy
David Howlett

Full Committee Members

Chair Terry Knight
Secretary Pamela Skeggs
Treasurer John Skeeles
Membership Peter Moss
Physic Garden/Chemist Shop Dr Gerry Tidy
Librarian Debbie Burstow
Assistant Librarian Maureen Sellers
Distribution Vicki Lockyer
Publications Dr Mike Clarke

Co-opted Committee Members

Programme Secretary David Howlett
Hitchin Journal Editor Simon Walker
Assistant Website Editor Phil Rowe

Non-Committee Members with standing invitation to Committee Meetings

Newsletter Editor David Dingwall
Website Editor Zena Grant
Film Archive Sam Hallas

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