Committee and contacts

President Robert B Williams #
Vice-Presidents Terry Knight
Gerry Tidy
David Howlett

The Committee normally meets roughly every four to six weeks. The next Committee meeting is on Wednesday 19th June in the Angel Room at The Sun Hotel,  Hitchin. The meeting will start at 7.30pm and run until 9.30pm.

Committee Members

Chair Dr Barry Arends
Secretary and
Newsletter Editor
Pamela Skeggs

Treasurer John Skeeles
Librarians Debbie Burstow
Maureen Sellers
Sales Nora Evans
Tony Read
Membership Secretary Chris Finch
Film Archivist Sam Hallas #
Programme Secretary David Howlett §
Distribution Vicki Lockyer
Social Channel Manager Valerie Schicker
Website Editors Greg Moss
Steve Pullinger
Physic Garden/ Chemist Shop Dr Gerry Tidy
Hitchin Journal Editor Simon Walker #

§ Co-opted member
# Attends by standing invitation

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