Previous winners of the Hine Award

1984  David & Bridget Howlett   for the article on Cock Street and Golden Square in Old Hitchin Life, and for the Tilehouse Street and Bridge Street town trails.

1985  Pat Gadd  for her research and books, since 1977, on the history of Hitchin.

1986  No award

1987  Diana & Lionel Munby  for editing the book Market Town: Hitchin in the 19th century.

1988  Barry West   for his contribution as chairman of the Society.

1989  Gerry Tidy   for his work in producing the Hitchin Journal.

1990  Scilla Douglas   for the book The School on the Hill.

1991  Pat Gadd    for work in the study of the history of Hitchin.

1992  Joyce Donald     for her book The Mattocke Boys.

1993  Rev. Clifford Offer    for the book King Offa in Hitchin and for the organisation of Hitchin 1200.

1994  Brian Limbrick  for his work on the first phase of the Hitchin Schools project.

1995  Bob Walmsley   for his work, over a long period, on the history of Hitchin.

1996  Margaret Watson  for the book St Faith’s Church.

1997  Aud Eastham   for her researches in support of three recent HHS books.

1998  Maya Pieris    for Take Six Carrots… and the guide A Walk Along Bucklersbury, and the provision of “historic” food at Society events.

1999 Simon & Janet Walker   for Simon’s book The Bridewells of Hitchin and for Janet’s co-authorship of A Stroll Round the Village of Walsworth.

2000  Daphne Gibson   for her work in illustrating the Society’s publications.

2001  Simon Walker   for his book Underground Hitchin.

2002  Dorothy Hughes   for revising, editing and the production of Early Education in Hitchin and Hitchin Cameos, and for her input to other Society books.

2003  Robert Prebble   for his book Before the Paint Was Dry.

2004  Tony Crosby, Scilla Douglas, Steve Fletcher, Mark Gimson, Bridget Howlett, Pauline Humphries and Simon Walker    for the book Jeeves Yard: a dynasty of Hitchin builders and brickmakers.

2005  Bridget Howlett & Val Campion   for BH’s book Hitchin Priory Park and for VC’s transcription of Joseph Ransom’s Naturalist’s Notebook, 1804 – 1816.

2006  Derek Wheeler    for his book Hodgson & Hankin: a Fishy Tale of Old Hitchin.

2007   Alan Fleck & Phil Howard   for AF’s CD-ROM Exploring Hitchin and for PH’s book Take the Train from Hitchin.

2008  Ellie Clarke, Scilla Douglas, Chris Honey, Pauline Humphries, Chris Parker, Simon Walker, Brian Worbey and others; & Keith Fitpatrick-Matthews   for group authorship of Hitchin Arcade: Then and Now and for KF-P’s work on creating the Society’s website.

2009  Val Campion   for her book Pioneering Women: the Origins of Girton College in Hitchin.

2010  John Lucas   for his book Phebe’s Hitchin Book: Memories of Life in Regency Hitchin.

2011  Audrey Stewart and Val Taplin   for their book Two Minutes to the Station – the Tale of Hitchin’s Victorian Triangle.

2012  Mike Clarke & Richard Whitmore    for MC’s book Cold Baths Don’t Work and RW’s DVD A Century of Old Hitchin on Film.

2013  Bridget Howlett    for her book Maydencroft: a manor, hunting park, farm and brickworks, near Hitchin.

2014  Stephen Bradford-Best   for his book Carriages to Cars: the story of coachbuilders and motor dealers Ralph E Sanders & Sons of Hitchin

2015 Phil Howard  in recognition of his work on the fireman’s diary of Frank Fisher, which has resulted in the publication of Fire! Fire! – The Diary of a Hitchin Fireman 1926 to 1929.

2016 The Physic Gardeners David McNamee, Nicky Nicoll and Carola Scupham  for their book The Physic Garden in Hitchin: An Illustrated Guide

2017 Pauline Humphries  for her tireless work over very many years, especially in publications where she not only authored, researched and edited HHS books, but also ensured every local bookshop stocked them.

2018 Bridget Howlett  for the book Discovering More About Hitchin.

2019 Mike Clarke, publications, Bridgett Howlett and Pauline Humphries, editors,   for Discovering More About Hitchin. The award included the fourteen authors: Stephen Bradford-Best, Nigel Claydon, Peter Ellis, Alan Fleck, Chris Honey, Bridget Howlett, David Howlett, Christopher Hubbard, Pauline Humphries, Terry Knight, John Lucas, Nadfiisa Sayany, Janet Walker and David Wheeler MBE.

There was no award either in 2020 or in 2021, as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak.

2022 Terry Knight  for his services to the town of Hitchin and to the Society, of which he is a founder member.  His work for the society in many roles has been considerable from its beginnings in 1977. His knowledge of the town’s history is prodigious, and his research thorough and wide-ranging.

2023 Simon Walker in recognition of his years of editing the Society’s Hitchin Journal, and for his work in researching and producing the Society’s publications: HITCHIN – Glimpses of the Past and HITCHIN – More Glimpses of the Past.